Stock Market Calculator


Tabulating Your Stock Picks

This stock market calculator accords you the ability to work and calculate an all-encompassing range of stock market price data. There are four key calculations combined within this calculator, permitting you to execute four separate analyses of any stock price, grounded in the information you have at your fingertips. You can employ our calculator right now to instantly improve your trading system and boost profits.

The four calculators available are as follows:

profit lossGains/Losses Calculator:

This calculator grants you the determination of how majorly you bear to gain or lose on a particular trade. Just figure the number of shares, your purchase price, your selling price, and the commission fees for a trade and this instrument will instantly compute your ensuing profit or loss following commission fees.

risk rewardRisk to Reward Ratio Calculator:

If there is a fundament to any trading doctrine, it commences with the risk to reward table. Although distinguishing good risk/reward trades does not secure success, neglecting to key good risk/reward trades usually warranties failure. Remember, always estimate your risk to reward ratio before constituting a trade. With this tool, you can regulate if your potential gains outbalance your potential losses, a clear purchase sign.

waveWave Retracement Calculator:

Securities do not trade in merely one direction. Rather, their angularity shifts constantly up and down. They frequently trade in ranges for extended timeframes, then burst forth higher or lower. Technical analysts anticipate probable staying points to play as support or resistance when trends hesitate and unify. These spheres of likely support or resistance commonly assemble around certain percentage retracements among historic highs and lows. This calculator helps to cipher the percentage one price movement wave retraces another. This is particularly convenient with Elliot Wave analysis.

price projectionPrice Projections Calculator:

Technical Analysis is a method of forecasting succeeding stock price movements established on reflection of historical stock price movements. It is analytic thinking grounded in market execution through chart study, volume, moving averages, open interest, shapings, and other technicals. Fundamental analysis on the other hand, considers a share's market price in relation to the organization's fundamental business proposition and financial position. It is a method of predicting future price movement employing supply and demand data. Never the less, both are trying to do that same thing and that is to predict future price projections. Use this feature to forecast how much you bear to gain contingent upon your success, yielded by investment capital at your disposal.